Cold Pasta Salad with Violife Creamy With Herbs & Violife Block with Cheddar Flavour


June 28, 2018


1. Boil pasta until al dente.

2. Drain the pasta and allow it to cool.

3. Cut the asparagus in 3cm pieces.

4. Cut the cherry tomatoes in half.

5. Remove the Violife block from the pack and cut in cubes.

6. Pour the pasta in a salad bowl.

7. Spoon out the Violife creamy with herbs from the container and place on the pasta. Mix thoroughly.

8. Pour the rest of the salad ingredients: start with the asparagus, followed by the cherry tomatoes, the olives and finish with the Violife cubes.

9. In a separate bowl stir with a spoon all sauce ingredients to combine.

10. Pour the sauce in the salad bowl.

11. Mix thoroughly.


200g Violife creamy with herbs

100g Violife block with cheddar flavour

500g pasta of your choice (farfalle or fussili)


1 cup Kalamata olives (unpitted)

1 cup cherry tomatoes

For the sauce

2 tbsp mustard

1 tbsp vegan honey

2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

Juice from 1 lemon or lime


Freshly ground pepper