Vegan Spring Baguette with Violife Slices with Original Flavour


March 14, 2018


In a large bowl mix all ingredients apart from the Violife slices and the bread. Season with salt and pepper and add lemon juice as per your liking. Cut the baguettes, add the salad and the Violife slices.


PREP TIME: minutes10 mins


200g Violife slices with original flavour (sliced in half)

200g Violife slices with chicken flavour

2 gluten free baguettes of your liking

300g cabbage (sliced)

3 onions shallot (sliced)

1 red apple (sliced 1cm thick)

Fresh basil (sliced)

150g vegan mayo

1 tsp mustard (mild)

Lemon juice

Salt & freshly ground pepper