Vegan Wonton


June 6, 2018


In a large frying pan sauté in medium fire all the veggies with a bit of olive oil. Remove pan from fire, season with a bit of salt and pepper, add parsley and Violife grated original and stir thoroughly.

Place a heaping teaspoon of filling in the center of the wonton. Brush water on all borders of the skin, covering 1/4 inch from the edge. Fold skin over to form a “flower”, sealing edges.

In a large pot add sunflower oil and deep fry until the won tons become golden brown.

Drain and serve with a sweet and sour vegan sauce.


PREP TIME: minutes30 mins


200g Violife grated original

1 pack wonton skin (10Χ10 cm).

3 fresh onions (sliced)

½ leek (chopped)

2 carrots (sliced in small cubes)

5 mushrooms champignon (sliced)

1 onion (sliced)

Fresh parsley (sliced)

2 garlic cloves (sliced)

Extra virgin olive oil

Salt & freshly ground pepper

Sunflower oil