Being a Vegan

“Being vegan means you take the time to make decisions that are good for your health, the well-being of animals, and the sustainability of our planet. You are thinking about all your actions and how they impact the environment (meaning personal environment as well as the world).

Being vegan means you’re making smart food choices. A large part of being vegan is the plant-based diet that doesn’t include meat (or fish), dairy, or eggs (or honey). This means that every meal is planned out and thought through. There is no such thing as just stuffing food in your mouth at an all-you-can-eat. Vegans, like myself, can get caught in a vegan junk food spiral but still the food choices are far better for our health..

Being vegan means you truly care for all creatures on the planet. We care about all animals and want to end suffering and torture and brutal, senseless murder. Vegans do this by not eating animals and by not supporting industries that torture and kill animals. Vegans won’t wear leather, wool, or silk as a result of these beliefs.

Being vegan means you are healthier. All scientific evidence has proven that a plant-based diet is better in the fight against all diseases (including cancer and diabetes), obesity, cholesterol levels (vegan diets are 100% cholesterol free), and our arteries are not clogged with animal fat. Our arteries are like luge tracks. That’s always a good thing!

Being vegan means you look great! Sure, some vegans are skinny and don’t look healthy at all. Oh, and some vegans are fat. But we all have great skin and great hair and nails! Also, we can wear pretty much anything we want since there is no vegan dress code (old, torn t-shirts with the word “VEGAN” across the front and vegan sandals with socks are fine). Okay, maybe the fashion is lacking but at least it’s 100% cotton.

Being vegan means your appreciation for the little things increases. You have no idea how excited vegans get when they taste a vegan cheese or ice cream that actually tastes good. I mean really, get out much? Palettes become much more sensitive to different flavors, textures, and combinations and, as a result, we really do savor well-prepared food more than most people.

Being vegan means you care. You really do. Care about our own health and well-being, the health and well-being of other humans, the health and well-being of animals, and the health and well-being of planet Earth. This translates to a better world for everyone.

So, if helping to create a better world for everyone doesn’t make you a better person … what does?

Go better …

Go Vegan.”

This is the philosophy of a Vegan way of living from our favourite friend & blogger @MeatyVegan.

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