Violife makes switching to dairy-free ‘too easy’ in campaign by VCCP


22nd January 2019

Violife has launched its first TV campaign for it’s dairy-free cheese with two TV spots and accompanying social.

Veganism in the UK has grown by 350% over the last decade, with more and more consumers becoming conscious about the food they eat, choosing healthier and sustainable alternatives to dairy and meat products in their diet. Violife have been dedicated to making amazing tasting, 100% vegan non-dairy, non-GMO foods since the early ‘90s and are a favourite brand for many Vegans, Vegetarians and Flexitarians around the world.

But just how easy is it to adopt food that is free of animal products and friendly to the environment, but still tastes great? VCCP suggests that with Violife, the switch is not just deliciously easy, but also fun and enjoyable, because Violife not only tastes great, but actually performs as it should; it melts, cooks, grates and slices perfectly meaning we can still have our every-day favourite cheesy dishes - just dairy-free!

The new campaign injects humour and fun into the whole dairy-free cheese category, as our heroes see the option to move to Violife as effortless they then, wrongly, suspect anything could be just as easy, resulting in the campaign line of ‘Maybe we’ve made dairy-free too easy…’

The accompanying social campaign compliments the TVC by giving ‘one step’ recipes and tips on how to switch to healthier Violife.

On the launch of the new campaign, Thania Drakopoulou, Marketing Manager of Violife said:

Finding the right balance between showing what Violife can actually do and communicating how a plant-based, vegan option can find its place in every home, was not an easy task. VCCP helped us identify the right ingredients in this ‘recipe’, resulting in a great campaign that promotes the ease of turning every-day food, like toasties, pizzas, jacket potatoes, pasta, into a delicious, dairy-free meal. Showing how everyone is Welcome to the Violife!

Caroline Rawlings, Creative Director at VCCP added:

The beauty of Violife is that it offers a way for the non almond-blending, avocado-crushing folk amongst us to go dairy-free once in a while. I think the team has done a lovely job of turning this insight into work that’s a bit different for the category and, with any luck, might even muster a smile.  Proud.

The campaign launches on 22nd January across social and TV.

The films can be viewed here:


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Title / projectViolife: Maybe we’ve made dairy-free too easy...
Agency contactAlex Brown
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Client nameThania Drakopoulou, Marketing Manager Violife
Creative DirectorCaroline Rawlings
CopywriterAengus Ryan
Art DirectorRory Sheppard
Planner / CSU DirectorRoisin Robothan-Jones
Designer*James Coppeard
Media agencyVCCP Media
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Production Company ProducerAmber Millington
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